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Vier je beste slaapfeestje met teepees & Fun!

Bijgewerkt op: 17 jun. 2022

Hello there ! Thanks very much for following Teepees & Fun.

My name is Sonia, Spanish, and mother of two girls, Ayelen and Noah, both now teenagers of 13 and 15 yo, very independent, as you can imagine, but until not long ago, very cute little girls that always wanted to do things with Mama.

Each year I liked to be creative and surprise them for their birthdays, so I have a lot of experience and ideas organizing parties.

One day, one of my daughters said, "I want to have a slumber party with my best friends at home, and I want to sleep in a tent built inside of my room"

Imagine my face, I was in shock for a couple of minutes, then, I thought, okay, but "how am i going to do it? I don't have the tents and neither all that is necessary to accommodate 8 girls 🤔

I was thinking and thinking during some days about how to do it, and suddenly I saw it clear, I thought, "what if I make the tents myself and then I rent them for others?" I was pretty sure that out there would be other parents with the same situation and I was not the only one with the same request.

And this is how Teepees & Fun was born two years ago. 

All that I rent has been designed and made by myself, that is why Teepees & Fun is unique. You won't find out our teepees anywhere else. I designed them paying attention to the quality of the materials that I was choosing, and thinking carefully about the size of the teepees, big enough to accommodate two girls (my girls didn't want to sleep alone, off course) and cosy enough to ensure the best dreams. 

All has been thought as if it was going to be for myself, and this is one of my secrets, all what I do, is #madewithlove, and I organize the parties as if they were my own.

That is why you don't have to be worried anymore, because I can bring my experience and making your next party magical.

Contact me, and I will organize the best slumber party your kid could ever imagine!

You wish, I make dreams come true!

I am looking forward to organizing your next party! 


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