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Tips en ideeën voor een slaapfeestje thuis

Bijgewerkt op: 30 dec. 2020

If you want to celebrate a sleep over is not all about sleeping, you need to thing about other activities you can organize to have your guests entertained and have all the fun possible!

The invite cards “uitnodiging” are very important and to give you some ideas about what you can do, we have made a whole selection in another post that you can see here.

If your friends are very quiet you can play table games, they are always nice and fun! The classic “Monopoly” is a must. You can ask your guests to bring their preferred one and you can play them all!

There are some other games you can play with your friends, like old times when there was no tablet or mobile phone.

  • Vestoppertje, no need to explain 😊

  • Classical games to find out a movie, an animal or a job, just by using your mimic without sounds or words.

  • Pillow fights …. How fun is this!

  • Transport objects from one point to another only by using your mouth, and yes, this one you can do it in pairs, that makes it even funnier, if one of the two is blind.

  • Fetch the apple or other fruit only using your mouth, yeah! arms are not allowed here!

  • Singing around the camp fire ... prepare your favourite songs and sing like a star!

After all this, you will be ready to read or hear a nice story or may be watch your preferred movie.

I am sure after all this you will have perfect dreams!!

Slaap lekker!

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